Update Corona and Masses

Update Corona and Masses

Corona and proceedings


Masses will be held at the times and places advertised. Sunday 9am at Croydon and 11am at Blacktown.

PLEASE, if you feel unwell stay at home. We surely will miss you but we also think of you and will pray for you.

At some stage maybe I will have celebrate the masses WITHOUT CONGREGATION. But you being aware of this are invited to participate spiritually at home.

For this case we try to organize a way to broadcast the mass/life stream it.

Also there will make a booklet for the participation at home. Please take some home for your parents or friends so they can pray with us.

These booklets for praying at home and connecting with the congregation will be available from 5th Sunday of Lent.

Please share this information and if you are too far away let us know and we will post it to you.


In the meantime: There is a seating plan for the church ensuring safe distance – every second pew stays empty and 1 ½ m distance in-between the people. Spouses and families exempt as you sit closely together at home anyway and share the car…. This distance rule should be honoured in the hall alike.


In the church: No chalice for the congregation. When going to communion – the hands of priest and Kommunionhelfer will be sanitized as usual. Additionally the Kommunionhelfer will sanitize the hands of the congregation at the side (where usually the body of Christ had been distributed) before they will receive communion in in front of the altar (where usually the chalice had been offered).


There might be a distance between us now but nothing can separate us from God